Overwatch In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

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Overwatch allows the CS: GO community to self-regulate by letting skilled and experienced community members assess reports of disruptive behavior, whether they are valid, and impose temporary bans as needed. 

How does overwatch work in CSGO?

In the main menu, investigators will see an active Overwatch button, indicating a pending case for them to review. The investigators can then opt to take part by watching a replay (eight rounds, or around 10 minutes) and voting on a verdict. A ban will be granted if all of the investigators agree that an offense has occurred. The severity of the misdemeanor will determine the length of the ban.

  • End of case scenario

Suppose the system deems that the collective judgment of the investigator converges on an overwhelming verdict for each accusation. In that case, the investigation will be closed, and the final ruling will be determined by all choices made on the case. The lawsuit will be dismissed if the judgments are overwhelmingly insufficient evidence or inconclusive.

How do investigators get scored?

An Overwatch score represents the ability of the investigator to consistently appraise the evidence they assess per allegation in both actual and test cases. Investigators are given a good score if they agree with most other investigators’ conclusions for the same replay and a negative score if they are in the minority. When most investigators agree, the change in score is greater; when they disagree, the score is lesser. 

The only way to increase an Overwatch score is to watch the complete replay and make an informed, attentive and accurate judgment of the evidence supplied due to the occasional test case added into the caseload.

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