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Green Trust Factor

If you play csgo, you already must know about the scene behind the trust factor, there have been a lot of talks about improving it or getting better but very few are able to achieve and others are still left in a bad trust factor in csgo, and they are unable to move on, and every day, they feel like to leave the game but, we have a surprise for you, we have removed the curtains of bad trust factor and give you a solution to your problem, today we are here with a new category of green trust factor accounts and get them when they are in stock.

What are the benefits of getting a good trust factor account for playing csgo?

There are numerous factors and players who play csgo knows what they are, and how important they are, but we will mention each and every advantage of getting a green tf account.

    1. Less time to find a competitive match
    1. No Cheaters in opponents or in team
    1. No warnings in lobby of red trust factor, where when it happens, your best friend can also leave you
    1. Good matchmaking experience
    1. You can see many players in nearby lobbies.
    1. Meet great players
    1. Help you in improving the game as you don’t have to worry about getting a game with a cheater
    Real chance to win a game.

You must be wondering, how we have achieved that.

To tell you the truth, there is no mastermind required to get to the green trust factor but yes if you have a red trust factor then going all the way to green is very tough.

We just thought that if we were steam guys and want to improve the competitive experience and introduce a thing called trust factor which measures green, yellow or red and according to that, they get the experience, green being the very good trust factor and yellow being low, red for very bad.

So we came up with a list of factors which we also mentioned in a blog written by us “How to check and improve the Trust Factor in CSGO 2022“ and follow those steps and created accounts just for you guys.