Valve Revamp Prime Status. What does Prime status do in CSGO?

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Online gaming has become extremely popular among users. Escaping the monotony of life is possible by playing games online. Several users consider Counter-Strike as the best online fps game. It is incorporated by Valve. Comprising various levels and game modes, Counter-Strike is a multi-player game. Every player has to pass through different levels and win to succeed in the game. Players are either the non-prime members or the prime members. 

Major Changes Introduced By Valve

Valve introduced various changes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(CSGO) to make the game more exciting and challenging for the players. 

If you are wondering what the most recent updates introduced by Valve are, look no further. Listed below are some of the most recent updates introduced. 

  1. The Prime status has been revamped 
  2. Alterations have been made to Non-prime status
  3. An unranked gaming mode has been introduced 
  4. Addition in maps and Upgrading it
  5. Upgrading the technical 
  6. features for the convenience of players

Importance of Prime Status In CSGO

When Valve revamped the prime status, several players were confused about its functions. One of the topmost queries is related to the importance of Prime status in CS: GO and why it is needed. Well, Prime status is highly beneficial for the players. Earlier several players were granted prime status by reaching level 21 of the game, but recently Valve has made it compulsory for the players to purchase a Prime status. Without purchasing, the players won’t be able to get a Prime status. 

Advantages of Prime Status 

The biggest advantage of a Prime status is that it enables the players to play with other players who have a prime status. A highly challenging, competitive, and fair environment is ensured. With a Prime status, the players can participate in ranked matches. It has now become mandatory for a player to get a prime status; otherwise, it won’t be possible to play the exciting ranked matches with prime status players. Though other gaming modes are available to the players, ranked matches are still preferred more by the players as their ranks display their skills in-game. Rank is the deciding factor during matchmaking as to what skill group of players will join the lobby. 

The players who have a prime status get XP, ranks, skill groups, items, event updates, etc. The most intriguing features are available at Prime status. Getting a Prime status is highly profitable.

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