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CS2 Premier Accounts

What is Premier Mode in CS2?

Premier Mode is a matchmaking 5 v 5 system where two teams compete against each other on a map chosen by the Pick Ban System where teams pick and ban 1 map till only 1 map remains.

It follows the MR12 method where whichever team wins the first 13 rounds wins the game, and after winning or losing there are changes to player ratings.

What is the Premier Ranking System?

It follows a player rating method where firstly you have to win 10 matches to be eligible for a rating in premier mode, Many players also refer to it as ELO. In the traditional method, you were given a skill group for example Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, or Global Elite but in this, you get a number/ rating That starts from 0 and goes beyond 30000

Let us give you an estimated example of what it used to be and now what it is by writing new system correspondence to the old system

New System Old System
0-4999 Grey Color Silver 1 to Silver Elite Master
5000-9999 Light Blue Color Gold Nova 1 to Gold Nova Master
10000-14999 Blue Color Master Guardian 1 to Master Guardian Elite
15000-19999 Purple Color Distinguished Master Guardian- Legendary Eagle 
20000-24999 Pink Color Legendary Eagle Master – Supreme Master First Class
Over 25000 Red Color The Global Elite

With this table, you can get a reference, of what has been changed from csgo to Cs2

How can I get Access to the Premier?

There are only requirements to unlock Premier in your account

1) You should have Prime Status in your CS2 account.
2) Your private rank should be 10 or more than 10.

Where can I buy Premier Accounts?

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