Buy CS2 High Tier Accounts With Medals

CS2 Accounts With Medals

CS2 High-tier accounts have a higher number of wins ranging from 150 to 10000 wins. The players can enjoy long hours of uninterrupted playing experience that varies from 100 to 10,000 hours. Counter-Strike: 2 high-tier accounts include a combination of rewards and coins, which makes it even more powerful. It means higher service medals and a more experienced account which ultimately means a better gaming experience. So, what are you waiting for? Go for an account to experience CS2 at its best.

CS2 High-Tier Accounts

We take care of your gaming needs, and hence, we maintain a massive database of all types of CS2 accounts. CS2 High-Tier accounts are among the best gaming accounts that users can buy from us. We are committed to offering the best gaming experience to Counter-Strike: 2 enthusiasts. Our mission is to keep CS2 players going and let them enjoy the most dynamic multiplayer shooter game.

Why High-Tier Accounts?


Though we have different categories of CS2 accounts for sale right from 0-25000 rating accounts, we encourage you to buy one that best matches your gaming needs and experience. The reason why CS2 High Tier Accounts are considered best is that these accounts allow specific numbers of hours of play and wins. Each account comes with different levels of expertise, so the players are free to select any based on their gaming expertise. High-tier accounts come with precise information about each account to enable players to make an informed buying decision quickly.


What You Will Get?

500 to 10,000 Hours of gameplay
150 to 4000 Wins
Combination of rewards and coins 

What’s exclusive about CS2 High-Tier Accounts is that it incorporates a combination of rewards and coins. Counter-Strike: 2 is a popular multiplayer shooting game known for rewarding players based on their performance. The players receive bonuses, which are termed Service Medals. The decision to buy Cs2 accounts for sale is subject to the user’s performance and the number of medals it holds. The gaming experience is solely based on the number of medals that the player holds combined with the level of experience account that the players opt to purchase.

Counter-Strike: 2 comes with a high Trust Factor. All the accounts that you purchase from us are 100% legit and authentic. You will enjoy a seamless gaming experience with 24/7 customer support that ensures that all your Cs2 games and accounts-related queries are resolved promptly.


A service medal in CS2 can be earned in-game only when the gamer has gained a certain amount of XP, Ranking up from Private Rank 1 to Global General and obtaining XP. Each year on the 1st of January, CS2 comes up with a new service medal with something different and better every year, this year 2022 they have come up with a new service medal.
Once you obtain the service medal, you can still run XP and get the next level of that service medal which is different, below are the colors and their level.

1st Level Color: White
2nd Level Color: Green

3rd Level Color: Blue

4th Level Color: Purple
5th Level Color: Violent
6th Level Color: Red

Only 10% of the players in CS2 are able to achieve the Blue Service medal (3rd Level) during the year and they are very rare to see and it’s one of the best things to show off. Very few less than 1% reach the 4th level. To reach those levels, you’ll need to play the game day and night for the whole year and still, there is no guarantee you’ll reach it but worry not, we offer accounts with medals, we have one, two, three and more than three service medal with 100% green trust factor guarantee, you can choose that according to your choices.

One of the most important features of the service medal is that people won’t treat you as a newbie in the game, it acts as a medal on your shoulder, which shows that you are experienced in real life and the same as in the game. We provide you with high tiers which will get you that respect and show off in-game at a very affordable price.

Here at buyaCsgomurf, we have a huge variety of Cs2 accounts with medals for example 1,2,3 or more than 3 service medal accounts which are just a few clicks away from being yours, it’s better than grinding the game for the whole year to get a service medal and we have made that easy for yourself.

Why Should you buy high-tier accounts or CS2 accounts with medals from Buyacsgosmurf?

It’s a very simple question because what we have and what we offer nobody could even imagine beginning with. Firstly, We have a lot of accounts that are up for sale, and whatever you have in your mind, we’ve got it.

The biggest problem with purchasing the CS2 accounts on websites is that you could end up with a bad/ red trust factor but here we provide you with a 100% Green Trust Factor guarantee for our medal accounts. By 100% Green Trust factor guarantee, we mean that we check each and every account’s trust factor before selling it to you, and even if you are not happy with the account we offer easy refunds and replacements as per your wish. Another problem with online shopping is how do you know whether we are a legit website or not. For this, we have over 1500+ reviews on our website’s Trustpilot page. If you have a problem with the account or anything related to it and need our help, we are available 24X7 for you on our website live chat support.

Lastly, with digital accounts, there is one more problem they get stolen very often it can be a rat on your PC or the account owner could take it back as they got all the purchase proof and this happens to many people but here we provide a Lifetime guarantee on our all the accounts as all the accounts are made by us, so don’t worry about a second.

Medals in CS2 visually represent a player's skill level and accomplishments. They are earned through participation in competitive game modes like matchmaking, wingman, and danger zone.

Players earn these medals by reaching Private Rank 40, which requires a significant amount of time and effort. Reaching this rank resets players' profiles, granting them a new display medal and cosmetic rewards. The Service Medal symbolizes a player's commitment to the game.

CS2 accounts with medals hold significant value in the gaming community. They are sought after by players who wish to showcase their achievements and distinguish themselves. Owning an account with prestigious medals not only displays skill but also highlights experience. Earning these medals requires deep knowledge of game mechanics, map strategies, teamwork, and individual performance.

Having a CS2 account with medals provides players with a competitive edge. When entering matchmaking or participating in tournaments, medals create a positive impression on teammates and opponents. It signifies a proven track record of success and the ability to contribute effectively to the team's performance.

Furthermore, CS2 accounts with medals serve as a source of motivation. They remind players of past achievements and encourage them to strive for further success. Earning medals requires dedication, practice, and improvement. Owning an account with medals serves as a visual reminder of progress made and the potential to reach greater heights through hard work and perseverance.

It's important to note that CS2 accounts with medals can have value in the trading and selling market. Some players are willing to invest in accounts with prestigious medals to showcase their accomplishments or gain a head start in their gaming journey.

In conclusion, CS2 accounts with medals are highly valued in the gaming community. These medals represent a player's skill, dedication, and achievements in the competitive world of CS2. They visually demonstrate a player's experience and expertise, creating a positive impression on teammates and opponents. Medals hold significance and showcase a player's commitment to the game. So, when you encounter a player with impressive medals on their Cs2 account, you know they have invested time and effort to earn those badges of honor.