Prime accounts were introduced by Valve Software back in 2016 as a way of modifying the matchmaking system. Once users sign up for a Prime account, they will be able to join a community that’s only made up of Prime users. Prime accounts rid you of matchmaking of bots, cheaters, hackers and the like. What

Overwatch allows the CS: GO community to self-regulate by letting skilled and experienced community members assess reports of disruptive behavior, whether they are valid, and impose temporary bans as needed.  How does overwatch work in CSGO? In the main menu, investigators will see an active Overwatch button, indicating a pending case for them to review.

With its top-notch features, challenging matches, gaming modes, and reward items, Counter-Strike has become the number one online multiplayer game. It has become a favorite FPS game for millions of users, and they end up playing the game for hours. Counter-strike enables the players to be whoever they want to be. But to win a

Online gaming has become extremely popular among users. Escaping the monotony of life is possible by playing games online. Several users consider Counter-Strike as the best online fps game. It is incorporated by Valve. Comprising various levels and game modes, Counter-Strike is a multi-player game. Every player has to pass through different levels and win