How Do You Get Prime Status In CS: GO?

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Prime accounts were introduced by Valve Software back in 2016 as a way of modifying the matchmaking system.

Once users sign up for a Prime account, they will be able to join a community that’s only made up of Prime users. Prime accounts rid you of matchmaking of bots, cheaters, hackers and the like.

What is Prime Status?

Prime Status is a characteristic feature of CS: GO for users who have bought CS: GO. Users who have Prime Status earn advantages only accessible for Prime users.

How do I get a Prime Account?

Here are all the steps you must take if you want to get a Prime Account soon:

  • First, you need to buy prime status or you purchase it from the our site.
  • You can get a Prime account if you have a Service medal for which you should have been playing the game for a long time to obtain an “X years of service” medal or one that commends you for participating in specific in-game events. There are many others, but basically, they all need you to have invested time in the game and proved yourself as a fair gamer.
  • If you’re qualified to get a Prime account in CSGO, click on the “Details” tab at the top of your CS: GO profile screen and select “Upgrade”.

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