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About CS2 ( Counter-Strike 2 )

Have you ever considered how enjoyable Counter-Strike: 2 is to play? Oh, and if the game's name is too long for you, let's shorten it to CS2, as everyone calls it. Valve developed it as a multiplayer game with various game types and levels. In CS2, you can choose between a free account, known as the Non-Prime, and a Prime, which is a premium segment where the player has to pay.

CS2 was previously CSGO and after the source 2 update on 27th September 2023, it made it more awesome.

Let's delve deeper into this game to learn more about it.


CS2 Prime Accounts: Prime refer to the account that has prime status in the game, which enables you to play exclusive matchmaking with other prime users only and also reduces the likelihood of getting matched with cheaters, which ultimately results in a better gaming experience, with that you also get exclusive item drops in-game and also you can gain XP to get a service medal in the game.

CS2 Non-Prime: This is the free version of the game where you cannot participate in ranked matches. It lets you play every mode in CS2 but the only two modes you cannot play are competitive and premier matchmaking.


  1. You can play both ranked and unranked matches.
  2. You get an option to match with the prime status holders only.
  3. You will queue less with cheaters.
  4. You get weekly XP which is required to get a service medal.
  5. You get drops such as weapon skins or weapon skin cases.
  6. You get a competitive skill rating in CS2.
  7. Getting a premium account and moving your rank up from then on seems an excellent way to go.
  8. You can get up to private rank 10 and unlock premier mode.


If you have decided to have a prime status in the game, there are two ways to get your prime status. One option is to make your account and buy prime status from Steam, or you can get a CS2 prime from us which you can choose from our wide variety ranging from fresh to medal accounts.

You are eligible for exclusive item drops, new weapons skins, and more when you're a Prime user. You also have access to all of the community-wide-operated servers. There are a lot of new game modes, premier, competitive wingman, operations, and missions whenever there is an update in the game.

One of the main benefits you will have here is that you will be devoid of the aimbots and wallhacking in non-prime. The hackers do these, and the cheaters in the lower ranks want to make their way to the top. Prime account holders are genuine players who wish to play the game fair and square.

If you are on a non-prime then your matchmaking happens with other non-prime holders only, who are potentially cheaters and hackers as it's a free version of the game. Thus, try getting a Prime status or Prime account, if you want to play a neat game and enjoy it.

Where you can purchase the cs2 prime accounts?

You can purchase prime accounts from the Steam game store but you only get a fresh account from Steam whereas you can buy CS2 accounts from us with a wide variety of skill ratings.

If you want to go for a legitimate one, then the best suggestion is to buy a prime account for that, you can lean on us because we are more affordable than Steam as we have discounted options and are less in price.

You can buy CS2 Prime Smurf based on the ratings you want. In total, there is a rating from 0 to 25000 which determines the rank for you, the higher the rating, the higher the rank. It is the primary indication of the skill of the player. Those players who are not good in-game start from a 0 to 3000 rating and then their goal is to reach the 25000 rating, which is the top currently. So, these are available for all the ranks. So if you are confused with the CS2 rating system then let us make it simpler for you while comparing it to the old system CSGO ranking. In CS2, the ranking scale is mapped as follows:

  • Silver 1 to Silver Elite Master corresponds to a rating range of 0 to 3000.


  • Gold Nova 1 to Gold Nova Master aligns with a rating range of 3001 to 7000.


  • Master Guardian 1 to Master Guardian Elite corresponds to a rating range of 7001 to 12000.


  • Distinguished Master Guardian to Legendary Eagle Master equates to a rating range of 12001 to 16000.


  • Supreme Master First Class to Global Elite is represented by a rating range of 16001 to 25000.

So when you are purchasing your prime accounts, make sure you choose a rating that you are currently present in. This is because with the help of a prime account and without any hindrance to the cheaters and hackers, you can slowly raise the ratings in the game. The objective is simple: it is to run and shoot the opponents and not be killed till the last. Keeping all this in mind, take your prime account so that you can be a better player in the game.

Benefits of getting premier accounts

1) More competative than prime ranked.

2) You get the experience of playing like the tournament players such as pro players

3) It is the best way to increase your skill level as you meet with serious players.

4) It helps improve your trust factor.

5) It has a derivative rank, meaning climbing the ladder is easier than losing the current rank.


6) Playing premier rating matches will also give you access to increase your private rank, get drops in the game, get a medal and many more.


A smurf refers to the secondary account apart from the main. As you know Counter Strike 2 is a fps competitive game where players are always trying to push up their skill rating. So some players keep a Smurf account on which they can play without any challenge of losing or getting a lower rating and play only for fun. Some players buy a Smurf with a lower rating to just blow off some steam or to play with their lower-ranked friends.


There are only two parameters in this, and to explain them, we will be straightforward with you. If you want to enjoy the game and have a good time, choose a lower rating than yours to show off to your friends or dominate in-game and if you want to increase your rating, you should choose a higher rating account than yours and play with high-ranked players that will ultimately help you improve your gaming skills.


The Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a modern game played by millions of gamers worldwide. Apart from the gaming experience, trust factors in Counter Strike 2 have taken a brutal hit, and it has now become an issue that needs to be resolved. The Red trust factor spoils the gaming experience and puts the game in the bad books of the players. The more you play the game legitimately, the better rating and ranking you get. All your progress and gaming sessions are stored on the game's server, which improves matchmaking for that account.

Presently, there are no ways by which you can check your trust factor, but you can surely increase it with positive gameplay. Valve created the trust factor with one goal in mind: to provide better matchmaking so that gamers don't have to worry about it and play their game with complete satisfaction. Here are a few ways that can help you in having a good trust factor in CS2.

  • When other players with whom you play or against them in a match recommend you in-game.
  • Try not to play foul, and no one reports you in the game.
  • Never cheat using cheat codes, even if you use your alternative. It might result in banning your account, and when you link your main account, it might affect even that.
  • Try to indulge in activities and become an active member of the community. It will help you build your reputation as a gamer and increase the green trust factor.
  • Although there are nine different modes offered in the CS2, if you want to improve your trust factor, play more matchmaking games than other modes.
  • Do not use foul language over voice control. Be a toxic player because doing so might lead to people reporting your account, which will hamper your trust factor.


Counter-Strike 2 is an online objective-based multiplayer game with much popularity among gamers. There are several gaming modes in the game that soothe every player. The game modes on offer are casual, deathmatch, competitive, demolition, arms race, and wingman. These six gaming modes have different weapons that are categorized under five categories.

Apart from the game, its gameplay, and other things; It is one of those online games where the trust factor has become an issue. While matchmaking people get paired with those who have better XP or ranking, gaming is a one-sided scenario. If you have been following this game for some time now, you might have seen people cribbling on trust factors over Reddit, Quora, and other platforms.

Suppose you are looking for ways to increase your CS2 trust factor. You might have to take the long road to achieve this. There are no shortcuts or other ways around it; you can only get a good trust factor by being a positive CS2 member and the stream community. The more you positively play the game with other participants, the better you will get. The developers will look into the green trust factor matchmaking, and it will keep adjusting over time. But if you want to improve your matchmaking, all you need to do is play CS2 positively. The more legitimate streaming you will do, the better it will be for your account and matchmaking. As this becomes better, the CS2 trust factor in your head will wash away automatically because you will get better matchmaking after that. Also, the more you play, the systems will save your account and match it with someone legitimate.


  • What are CS2 accounts?

    CS2 is Counter Strike 2 launched by the Valve franchise in 2023, It is an introversion of CSGO and people are loving it due to a huge improvement in graphics, and other things, but whatever you say the hype is real and it is among us and everyone wants to get their hands on cs2 and play with their friends.

  • How Can I get the CS2 Account?

    You can just simply but it from us.

  • Do I have to buy Prime for CS2 also like in CSGO?

    No, If you own Prime already in CS: GO then you will not need to buy it again.

  • Will my medals and coins be affected?

    No, there won’t be any effect on your medals and coins.

  • Will my skin be lost when I move to Counter Strike 2?

    No, your skins will be intact and you can use it in CS2 also if the CSGO migrates to CS2

CS2 Faqs

  • Is CS2 Worth it?

    Yes, definitely it is totally worth it as there have been major upgrades from graphics to everything.

  • What information is provided when purchasing a CS2 account?

    When you purchase a CS2 account from buyacsgosmurf, you will receive the login credentials (username and password) for the account and the email connected to it.

  • Are the CS2 accounts for sale on buyacsgosmurf legitimate and safe?

    Buyacsgosmurf is a trusted platform that aims to provide legitimate and safe CS2 accounts to its customers. You get a lifetime guarantee with the accounts, so there is nothing to worry about.

  • Can I change the email address associated with the CS2 account I purchase?

    Yes, definately with buying from buyacsgosmurf, you get full access to the email and you can change it yours.


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Remember that once you've purchased and activated your game, your player abilities are the only thing that will keep you ahead in the game. The game is all about collaboration and teamwork. Find your teammates who you are confident will lead you and your team to success. After all, everyone plays Counter-Strike for the sake of glory!

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Some FAQs about Us is a website that offers players the opportunity to purchase Smurf accounts for the games like Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) & GTA 5 Accounts.

A Smurf account is a secondary account used by experienced players to play against lower-skilled players. This can be advantageous for a number of reasons, including practicing new strategies or playing with friends who are new to the game.

We are a reputable website that takes user security seriously. We use secure payment methods, including stripe and credit card payments, to protect your personal and financial information.

We offers a variety of account types, including prime and non-prime accounts, high-tier accounts, and ranked accounts, gta 5 modded accounts.

Account delivery time can vary depending on the type of account purchased and other factors, but typically delivered instantly.

We offers a 24-hour refund policy on all purchases, as long as the account has not been used or modified in any way.

Yes, we offers customer support via email and live chat to assist with any issues you may encounter with your account.


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