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CS2 Master Guardian 2 | Hours 725 | 2022 Service Medal | 2023 Service Medal |

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Master Guardian 2 prime Accounts with Two service medal details are sent instantly to your email after you pay. You can also check the account details in the My-orders section. No need to wait for the account. Even if our live chat is offline.
Master Guardian 2 Prime Account is the account you require so you can settle the score with your aptitudes when you are not ready to play against players at your original rank. These accounts are best to increase your confidence. Playing with silvers is like playing with chickens, they don’t follow sounds or footsteps in any case, and you can kill them only with only one eye open.  Check other Silver Accounts from our site.



Rank: Master Guardian 2 [Instant Delivery]

Prime Status: Enable
Premier Status: Enabled
Competitive Cooldown/ Bans: None
VAC Status:
 Clean – No Hacks or Third-party software used
Steam Age: 5 years & 7 months
Steam Level: 34
Private Rank: 1
Hours: 725+
Overwatch Enable: Yes
Medals: 2022 Service Medal, 2023 Service Medal

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THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES – 1 x Steam Account which includes:
Steam Username
Steam Password
Email Password
FaceIT Email:
FaceIT Password:

1 x Counter-Strike: Global Offensive added in the steam account

DELIVERY DETAILS: – Your account will be delivered INSTANTLY.



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