What are CS: GO Console Commands and usages

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While playing CS: GO, are you using Console Commands? If not, then you are losing a lot unknowingly. The game features a long list of simple and customizable options, allowing you to personalize your game and easily touch it. You can use Console Commands to tweak, add, and replace elements of the game’s user interface, including your crosshair, mini-map, HUD, and much more.

If you want to use the console, click on the tilde (`) key on your keyboard after entering the CS: GO game. If you haven’t done it already, you can easily enable your console by going to the settings options and checking the “enable developer console” box.

Once the console is opened, start typing any of these commands. 

  1. Net_graph 1

Using this command, you can easily see a lot of valuable and engaging information on your screens, such as tick rate, ping, and so on. 

  1. Fps_max 0

You can quickly maximize your fps or frames per second using this command. It kicks out all the restrictions and allows your computer to reach its maximum efficiency. 

  1. cl_radar_always_centered

This command is often misleading. At times a red dot appears on the edge of the map, which sometimes puts you in a false sense of security. This command allows you to see the entire map.

  1. cl_use_opens_buy_menu 0

Have you ever thought of picking up a weapon off the ground and accidentally getting into your menu? There are no chances of opening up the buy menu by using this command. 

  1. +cl_show_team_equipement

Want to have a bigger picture of the game? This command allows you to see your teammates’ weapons above their heads. It will be helpful to team planning and gathering information regarding flashbang or smokes. 

  1. voice_scale 0.3

If you want to control your noisy teammates, this command will help you a lot. By using this command, you can easily lower the volume of your teammates, allowing you to focus more on the game.

  1. novid

The Novid command saves you an extra few seconds by turning off the valve’s annoying pre-game introductions. 

  1. language

This command can easily switch your client to another language, whether you speak French or Spanish. 

  1. bot_add

The bot_add command will allow adding a bot into your private games that will enable you to practice your aim before the final jump. 

  1. cl_hud_color

Want to get a personalized HUD? This command will help you to do so. Write cl_hud_color and pick one color. Some common options are blue, red, green, and cyan. 

  1. cl_lefthand

Are you a lefty? If yes, then you might want to change the pace. As the name suggests, this command will allow you to use and move the gun to the left side of your computer screen. To change it back to normal, type cl_righthand. 

  1. sv_cheats 1

The sv_cheats 1 command will enable you to experiment with your server. This command can be used to activate any server-side or client-sided console command. 

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