No, your skins will be intact and you can use it in CS2 also if the CSGO migrates to CS2

Will my medals and coins be affected?

No, there won’t be any effect on your medals and coins.
No, If you own Prime already in CS: GO then you will not need to buy it again.

How Can I get the CS2 Account?

You can just simply but it from us.

What are CS2 accounts?

CS2 is Counter Strike 2 launched by the Valve franchise in 2023, It is an introversion of CSGO and people are loving it due to a huge improvement in graphics, and other things, but whatever you say the hype is real and it is among us and everyone wants to get their hands on cs2
Yes, definately with buying from buyacsgosmurf, you get full access to the email and you can change it yours.
Buyacsgosmurf is a trusted platform that aims to provide legitimate and safe CS2 accounts to its customers. You get a lifetime guarantee with the accounts, so there is nothing to worry about.
When you purchase a CS2 account from buyacsgosmurf, you will receive the login credentials (username and password) for the account and the email connected to it.

Is CS2 Worth it?

Yes, definitely it is totally worth it as there have been major upgrades from graphics to everything.
Yes, we offers customer support via email and live chat to assist with any issues you may encounter with your account.