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Valorant is a forthcoming free-to-play first-person shooter for multiplayer developed in collaboration with Riot Games. Valorant is a brand-new tactical FPS that was previously called Project A. Valaront is a team-based, free-to-play tactical shooter that has a five-on-5 configuration. Players take on the role of agents, who are from all kinds of cultures and countries around the world. In the primary game mode, players can choose to join the attacking or defense team. Each team has five players. Agents possess unique skills and utilize an economic system that allows them to purchase their skills and weapons. The game comes with a range of weapons, including sidearms submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, machine guns, and sniper rifles. Each weapon comes with recoil patterns that have been controlled by players to accurately shoot.

Valorant is a real-life event that takes place in our present world, though an in-between version of it. A catastrophic event happens sometime in the near future, changing the world and the governments that govern it. In addition to its geopolitical consequences, this event also confers the ability to be hypernatural to certain people. The attackers have a bomb, known as the Spike, which they have to put on the ground. If the team attacking succeeds in protecting its Spike and it explodes the Spike, they will earn points. If the team that defends removes the Spike and the timer of 100 seconds has expired the team in the defensive position earns points. If all players of the team are eliminated in the game, the opponent team gets points. After 12 rounds, the team that is attacking changes to the defensive team, and reverses. The team with the most points after the most rounds will win the match. This new game, 5v5, is thrilling for players all over the world.

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