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    What is CSGO Hacks?

    Given the high level of competition in this multiplayer game, Counter-Strike Global Offensive has witnessed widespread hacking efforts time and again. Cheats resort to various manipulative ways to overcome skilled players and make a place in the elusive Global Elite ranking.

    Cheating through dodgy online scripts and third-party applications can be a tempting option to consider when you are repeatedly failing to survive the assault of better players, but at what cost? Permanent bans on your Steam account will limit the ability to participate in multiplayer games with online friends and the minor gains far outweigh the fun of playing the game free and fair.  

    How to Spot CSGO Hackers?

    You might feel like being cheated upon when you get repeatedly shot on the head, but it might be a better player you are paired against. So how exactly do you spot a hacker? You can replay the game and watch it on GOTV from your opponent's perspective. If you see your opponent belt out crazy headshots time after time there might exist the possibility of external help. If you find them tracking players through the wall, they might be employing the wallhacks. There can be other hacks in use like Aimbot, Spinbot, Extra Sensory Perception, Full Removal, and a lot more. The other option is to check out the age of the account. If it is a relatively new account with an astounding kill/death ratio, there might be something amiss.

    With our Free CSGO Report Bot Service, we ensure only skills matter in the line of fire. Our high-quality Report Bot enables you to report cheaters right here on this page. You can track the status of reported players supported by important stats regarding your report.  Our mission is to free CSGO from the irritating presence of hackers who get undue advantage and rob the game of its pure thrills. Join our community and say No to Cheaters in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

    Why You Need a Report Bot

    Our CSGO Report Bot Tool enables the mass reporting of hackers in CSGO. To bring a player into overwatch, a minimum of eight reports are required. Cheats can easily avoid getting reported by playing a single game on any day as in a match only nine players can report. This is a ploy employed by many hackers to escape being placed under overwatch, but No More. Our Report Bot tool enables mass reporting to reach a critical amount of reports and cheats have no place to hide and take undue advantage in a thrilling game.

    Suspect anyone of playing it foul? Go ahead and copy the steam link of suspected CSGO cheats and paste the link into our CSGO REPORT BOT. Enter your name, email, and the match link and that’s all you need to do. Our Report Bot gets cracking and hackers get banned within the same day.

    You have to report a suspected hacker during the duration of the match. According to the latest update from Valve, it has been made necessary that reports are sent just as the match ends. Our free report bot tool will record your report, hold them back, and send them in a flash just as the match finishes. Our perfection in timing ensures maximum impact on the hacker and refrain from sending reports manually as our bot will do the job for you with perfection.

    We do it better than CSGO Overwatch

    If you are on this page, by now you would have probably experienced the inefficacy of the CSGO overwatch in banning smart hackers who exploit the system to cheat their way ahead of skilled players. The overwatch system misses out on generating reports in an amount sufficient to ban a hacker.  It becomes highly frustrating to see hackers play on despite reports and spoil all the fun in the game. You would have also come across reporting sites that cost you quite a sum to buy report bots to ban hackers and take them out of the game. Our free report bot tool helps you weed out hackers and cheaters who do not fit into the CSGO players’ community. Our mass reporting feature ensures that the player with the reported steam link is forced to be considered in the CSGO overwatch report leading to an ultimate playing ban.

    Let’s Not Ignore Hackers in CSGO

    Your timely reporting ensures hacks find it difficult to survive in CSGO. Hacking has assumed a pandemic proportion in CSGO currently. This is a game that can be run from any PC with minimum system requirements and is free to play. This has resulted in a vast player base infiltrated by hackers who prevent skilled players from moving ahead. Our blazing fast free report bot tool is the perfect antidote to blatant cheating and players who have acquired skills through over-the-net software, find it difficult to survive for long.

    What are the chances of an Account Getting Banned?

    It depends mostly on the users and their interaction history with Valve’s overwatch system. If used correctly for blatant violators who are incessantly wall-banging or spin-botting, the chances of a ban are more than 90%. On the contrary, if you develop a history of reporting the wrong players then you will be staring at a lower ban rate on reporting.

    Why Do I See A Player Still After Reporting?

    The chances of a ban vary upon how high blatant the violations are. The over watchers are an extremely cautious lot and CSGO Accounts with doubtful evidence of cheating may escape a ban. If a player has not cheated continuously during a match then a ban can be avoided. Sometimes it happens that a player plays fair through the entire duration of the match and uses cheating assists towards the end of the match. In such cases, a player might escape a ban and continue playing.

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